Best anime games for cell phones

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Best anime games for cell phones

If you are a fan of anime and want their own games, hopefully in this video made for you the best anime games which may become dependent on them.

Best anime games for cell phones

1 : BLEACH Brave Souls

One of the famous games that rely more on strategic play to success, your mission in the game is simply to eliminate the monsters meet you to climb into the advanced stages and bypassing as many of the parts and get to the top before all other players in the game is that if She couldn’t defeat any monster you can ask for help from your friends in the game and vice versa, plus it can develop your character to make it stronger than it was a dozen times, the game also creates weekly patrols the best players compete among themselves, available on Android and IOS.

Despite the somewhat traditional game design they harvested 60 million downloads, because once you download, it will get you to an atmosphere full of adventure and thrill, The game includes over 1000 anime character and every character has a unique ability, and is available on Android and IOS

III : BlazBlue RR
Are fully msthwah combat game from BlazBlue series, the game lets you choose your favorite character in the string and then proceed in the fight your competitors one by one in the system, what we liked in the game is that you can play against your friends face to face and also real players, in addition to pain. Superb combat skills that you can use against your opponent, of course that’s not good graphics GPU that characterizes the game, available on Android and IOS.

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