New update lloatsab may cost you a lot of money.

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New update lloatsab may cost you a lot of money.

New update lloatsab may cost you a lot of money.

The British newspaper the Mirror requests via whatsapp company preparing to launchNew update would cost a lot of money to not deal with the applicationCautiously, where the company plans to ask for immediate payment system which will allow users to transfer money between them in a safe manner.

Elliot had this step after she requests via whatsapp to conduct a test with about a million users, and after a successful operation started implementing her plan of India, the country in which the applicationAbout 2 million users.
According to reports, the user now wants to get this new feature you will have to fasten the requests via whatsapp account bank account, knowing that pay property was available in Facebook and Messenger but added to loatsab will make that feature more popular.

And new feature to end the trick that appears mostly in the form of a formal letter, which warns users of the pilot service applicationPay as you go.

It says this message: our records indicate that the pilot service lloatsab over the year, exceeding the trial period requests via whatsapp account won’t be able to send or receive messages, to continue using lloatsab you can subscribe to one of our available periods.

Whatever the message, wouldn’t you start imposing requests via whatsapp fee to use their services in the meantime, so the decision to link your bank account to your requests via whatsapp account is still up to you.

Source: mirror

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