This new program is wonderful and will enable you to protect your computer from malware harder

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This new program is wonderful and will enable you to protect your computer from malware harder

This new program is wonderful and will enable you to protect your computer from malware harder

We all know that malware and especially the Ransomware, one of the biggest problems that you may experience in your after ransom WannaCry caused by malicious virus in may in 2017 because it became necessary to protect all systems for all users and manufacturers throughout the world, as The pernicious ransom virus caused a sensation when it happened.But there are a lot of waysPreventive protection from malicious viruses and is available for free and in this article we will talk about a program from within a range of programs to protect your computer’s AppCheck Anti-ransomware.

This program is offered by ChekMal company and restore files the ransomware virus damage and is working with the modern generation of tracking and protection throughUse new tracking engine, which is free but there are a few restrictions, though this program is important for the user in Windows NT.Solutions offered by Anti-ransomware AppCheck program to solve malware problems personal use version is Personal.

⦁ Self property Protection works applicationAppCheck handle some operations that exist on your system with your computer throughSearch for viruses or malicious software, and when the program did this too at the same time protecting all your private files from malicious viruses so that you cannot access them to protect your computer and your files and this type of protection is very important and necessary.RansomShelter property ⦁ this property can help you file all support files that exist on your computer, this process is called the backup name, and are doing this course from time to time and this is a reserve if any virus will be able to access these files.⦁ A proactive protection against ransomware as ransomware is closeAll your files and then force you to pay to get your information that he shut down by malicious virus, and if you don’t pay, you can’t open your computer and will not restore all your data or even her backup job so you need to have this program on the server And because it works on the track all malicious viruses before accessing your system.⦁ Protection GPT/MBR property is one of the hardest types of attacks are the Ransomware and the MBR is an abbreviation of the Word Master Boot Record and GPT is an abbreviation of the word GUID Partition Table it does leave a huge and strong in your own system, and it’s hard to run the system again another way, bye But AppCheck program protects your computer from viruses.

The use of this software is easy and simple, all you have to do is install it on your computer and then activate property protect MBR will be ready for action.

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