6 reasons to leave the word and go to Google Docs google doc

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6 reasons to leave the word and go to Google Docs google doc

6 reasons to leave the word and go to Google Docs google doc

Everyone’s testimony, sits the program “Microsoft Office Word” on the throne of text editors, because the options offered by the program and waysTnsikalnsos available to help bring out the rich documentOrganizer and dramatically, but have you ever thought about whether there is a competitor to”WordPress”? Share yours today in this post about competitor to”WordPress” and I’ll give you a set of causes probably talk you out of using it and move to a competitor, definitely a competitor for WordPress “is Google Docs, I’ll give you today a set of reasons that outweigh the Google Docs on the” WordPress “, lets get started.

First: it’s free: 

you might not know that there are some existing services in “WordPress” driven and can only benefit by participating in service from Microsoft called Office 365 Home, either for”Google Docs”, it’s completely free plus 15 GB of cloud storage.

II: naming files: 

you can never, ever.Add special characters or symbols within the file name, as this is prohibited and not permitted, either in Google Docs, it’s not that hard, even you are not forced to rename the file before you start writing in it, you can call it any time you want.

III: corrupted files: 

text files can be exposed to a damage to any circumstance, and that can happen to a large degree, either in Google Docs, it’s different because of the cloud of very rare damage any file stored shabia.

IV: write throughTalk: 

Google Docs, you can write your script just byTalk to the editor will write for you, either on “WordPress” you cannot do it only by using third party and are adding Dictate that do the same job but a little less efficiently.

V: work offline: 

some might say in this debate that WordPress can work without an Internet connection, this is true, but tell him that Google Docs can do the same thing, you just specify that you want to work on that file offline, once you reconnect to the Internet will synchronize the change Come automatically.

Vi: accessibility: 

If you want to use a text file via the “WordPress” should make sure that you are using Windows or Mac and don’t forget Android with twice the work, either in Google Docs, you simply log into Google drive and start editing your files with ease and simplicity.

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