New advanced technology will allow viewers to choose their own ending to the movie seen

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New advanced technology will allow viewers to choose their own ending to the movie seen 

If the end of some movies might provoke anger often come to the opposite of what you want, the near future will come to you with a pleasant surprise, where high-tech modern technology reached can control at the end of the movie you are watching movie was The Angry River is the first films that work With this technology.The film is Angry River is the first short film works eye-tracking technology and artificial intelligence to track the eyes of viewers, where are his eyes on the screen to configure the end Viewer asThe five steps of possible events.

Interactive movie like dramatically different video game parties, but instead of using the remote control or the keyboard so you can make the control choices by the end of the story where this is done through the eyes, and behind this unique project film maker Armin Berrian where he asthlm the idea of a sentence He said a team memberEdited 3 years ago.Although the idea appeared on it’s crazy but it’s rooted in the thinking of Berrian but with the advancement of artificial intelligence impossible idea turned into reality.For this to be a dream come true collaboration film maker Berrian with New York Crossbeat company and this company is a technological company has developed eye-tracking technology and machine learning that controls the events of the story, where The movie was filmed Angry River in Oregon and then edited from 5 perspectives ru Various statistics so compiled specialized to resemble regular movies, but in fact are designed to fit the viewer’s attention.

As the movie The Angry River shows like any normal movie but instead of editors and directors who edit the end the Viewer is who will do it himself, so that eye-tracking technology that exists in the background allows collecting data about interest in him and what he wants to see and then feeding of Khiva Objects in the film to determine change events after that at the behest of the Viewer.As The movie tells the Angry River about a family of people smugglers in Portland Oregon, and slated to begin viewing this film for the first time may 18 online, where high technology focus of story of the film aroused the interest a lot of film studios and also companies Technology, so it is expected to see more of the film business in the near future.

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