Trump accuses Google of biased searches (warns ‘be careful’)

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Trump accuses Google of biased searches (warns ‘be careful’)

Trump accuses Google of biased searches (warns 'be careful')

The US President accused Donald Trump Google and other us technology companies of rigging its search results to avoid showing positive results, although he did not provide any evidence for his claim, but the Great White House says advisers are on whether Google should face the incipient organizational Yum.Trump has accused Google Inc to falsify results throughShow negative reports about him and his conservatives, often called right-wing personalities, without proof, said Trump also giant technology companies like Facebook and Twitter have conspired against them, but Google was far too often about these accusations, but they seem to have joined the rest of the companies with Highlighted by Donald Trump Google defends strongly denies the allegations, saying that Trump was not true simply: we don’t arrange the search results start to manipulate the political sentiments.
The President has said on Twitter before dawn Tuesday to rework his complaints on the alleged repression of conservative voices and positive news about where he thought that Google have already benefited from a lot of people think this is serious, adding that Google and Twitter and Facebook and others, they should be careful.President Trump has threatened a number of American companies for raising taxes during his term.These companies include both Amazon and e-commerce company and Washington seems to have now directed toward Google, which strained their relationship.And the US President raised a wave of anxietyAlmtzid on what he called political balthais social networking companies, where Twitter platform has been accused of using illegal and discriminatory practices to silence conservative voices in response to these accusations Twitter ceo Jack Dorsey said that company employees are more inclined to the left, and stressed that Political ideology did not affect what appears on Twitter.Google said in a statement that it does not use search in a political agenda and not without taking sides though our results toward any political ideology where she every year issued hundreds of improvements to algorithms to ensure that high quality content in response to user queries the company confirmed it works bastmer Seen on the Google search engine optimization does it never arrange search results to manipulate the political sense
And experts suggested that Trump’s comments showed a misunderstanding of how search engines work and Google searches are intended to display the most appropriate pages in response to a user query, even before you finish typing so that answers that appear first are those provided by Google formats, with some help from the Board alluded Wei, as the most reliable and informative and relevant and helps many factors in determining the initial results, including the amount of time spent by people in the page and many other pages associated with them and how their design and more.I always accused Trump and some Silicon Valley companies supporters of bias against them while some company executives tend to liberalism: it has long stressed that their products are free of political bias.

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