12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!

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12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
Why did their ads succeed and how would that benefit us in our ads?

12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!

Let me tell you something…
Being here means that you love to know the experiences of others, what, how and when they did it, and I greet you for that because it is a useful savvy. “The intelligent man tries and takes advantage of his mistakes and learns. But the one who fills his mind is the savvy, Smart and learn from it so that it does not fall into any error from the beginning “… ROY WILLIAMS

If you’re here on your own, you’ll see real ads on this page that were the reason for the millions of dollars for their owners … and you know that this is a very useful thing, of course.

These ads have been prompted in several ways:

Through the owners of the ads themselves as a study for their followers
Excellent spy tools I use in my work and on top of it AdBeat
How do you benefit from reading this article?

Listen to me a bit, you are interested in building a business online .. And what else do you do here on my site ??

If you know that an important part of building that business is advertising!

If I told you to come and see an ad I made myself and the evidence and was the main reason to enter $ 50,000 for my bank account… Would not you be interested? And if I told you I would also tell you where the visitor who clicked on this and went! Is not that a good thing? This is what I will do here and I want you to benefit from it as much as possible.


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
This ad was seen continuously, and for a period is not very few, and when I searched for it in AdBeat tool, I found that this brand has spent more than $ 1.5 million it !!
Do you think they will spend this entire amount in a losing ad? Does not the money actually win them? of course not.
Enter the link and you will see a very normal page .. Where the video, this video presents and explains the problem for those interested in golf, and how they affect their lives and their desire to finish (Kobe Drawing) and then ask the viewer to start a small questionnaire created by an expert in this And this questionnaire will show the main reason why this problem exists with you, and then of course provides the solution to this problem in a logical and convincing way after putting the email in the third step … And that certainly will be a course paid and very useful to the interested.


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
I did not intend to put this announcement, simply because it is in a very possible market that does not matter to you, but the idea that you own a service company or shopping for certain services is certainly a lot of you do, and this is exactly what this company does.
In the United States, the subject of filling the tax file is not easy, this company provides them free (of course not entirely), and after the completion of filling the file, of course, there are difficult things… Here comes the role of the company, which is ready to do so for an amount not greater than they would have paid If he went somewhere else…
If you have a service where the initial settings a little difficult, make it free .. Yes, and then offer to complete work with the client for a sum of money normal and equal to your competitors.
If you have a service where you maintain the laptop, do not tell the customer to give me money and I will check it for you !! , But I will examine it for free and give you a comprehensive analysis of what it will need through the paper organization, without talking about the price, and then show him that you will do everything that will make it better with the addition of programs or tools to work as a bonus for a sum of money .. Now impossible to search For others, why will he re-examine and waste his time?


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
This ad was strange to me, especially since it is a company that has an electronic store and sells tangible products, why is it strange? Because they paid more than $ 250,000 a month in ads through Native Ads!
Yes, this is an ad I found in too many sites, directly if you go to the landing page you’ll find it’s e-shop page where products want to sell.
This company, of course, depends on the principle of building the Utturite in the market. You want all the people of America to see their own brand, even if it costs them a loss at the beginning (and that’s what happened to them according to their words). For him too
Yes, this is an amazing way to market your business, but of course, if you have the money to make the necessary publicity for your products and your company.


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
This announcement is new because the original signer is new… It has not been released for only a few months, but it now contains more than 100,000 subscribers (I am one of them).
The site is an academy where there are courses and lessons about business and self-development…
The co-founder of this company is the famous Tai Lopez, its ads roam the Internet in more than one platform, their ads are made through Facebook and Google Adwords (and this is enough frankly), and spend monthly amounts on it.
What made me look for their campaigns is that your subscription to this company is only $ 7 per month !! But the client and this is what I did I can participate $ 60 for a full year! So how do these ads with all these amounts and win?
This is a very good model, advertising is aimed at bringing the customer who buys, that is the one who pays .. Even if you pay only $ 1, the important thing is that he proved that he pays, and even they lose money through the ads they win later
The cost of the subscriber who pays the first month is more than $ 7, which means that they lose, but if the subscriber completes the subscription for 6 months he will pay $ 42… Now they win πŸ™‚
And of course all this and did not talk about the services and courses that they provide at home in large amounts, do not forget that they have more than 100 thousand real customers pay the money!


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
Enter the landing page link for this ad, you will find it is a very normal page but if you know how to design a web page you will say it is horrible!
(Video sales letter), and only .. so that the video can not provide and do not delay it, can not do anything .. Just to watch or stop it !! Why did you like this ad?
First, in order to know the importance of video in selling, especially if you do it correctly, this announcement has been spent hundreds of thousands on it successfully, of course the market is very good and important for those who suffer or fear of myocardial diseases!
Did you notice that I said my heart muscle? With that picture showing a foot? Yes this I liked very much in the ad too πŸ™‚


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
The same idea of the previous announcement, a very strange picture that makes the interested to be attracted to know what is thinking right, is eating bananas (supposed to mean healthy) of things that increase obesity?
And when pressed to go to the page also has a video! , Explains the reason behind saying that and talking about a certain hormone that makes you lose weight even as you sit…
Of course, if you want to implement this method in your work, be careful to put the wrong information, the idea is to attract interested in a way not expected and not to lie to him from the beginning πŸ™‚


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
What do you think if I told you that your video, which sells your product will be seen 18 million times !!
This is what happened with this company, which sells blender, did a video on YouTube and through advertising and relying on the many posts could reach 18 million viewers.
The company has achieved fantastic sales of this video, and of course (and this is the goal) has achieved a month and a very wide spread in the field and made a lot of their ads after this video.


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
I liked to put this ad because it is in a huge market and there is a fierce competitor, but the prices of advertising on it is also expensive.
Pay attention to the form of advertising, the shape of the man, his age, pay attention to the address in it, yes .. Interested to be attracted to this announcement, especially when he completes reading when “if you are 62 or larger can earn $ 625 thousand dollars as income from your home while you still live there,” and then Ask him to press to calculate what he will need to order for this .. Free of course πŸ™‚
Now, enter the landing page and see what they are offering you, just as you are promised .. Choose the type of loan, type of house, type of credit card you will deal with, what you will use the house, code for your area, date of purchase, etc. , Do not want just one person who completes because this is a really interested customer), and finally put your phone number and email to tell you the best places where you can start with the same options.
Have you seen the movie “the wolf of wall street” ?? You see how they talk and persuade people to buy ?? Yes, this is πŸ™‚


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
Great digitalmarketer.com site
He has a special paid area that the interested person can subscribe to for $ 36.86 per month (you see the exact amount), this area has quick plans for work and is not for everyone to be frank and considered novice, but they are not idiots, they are targeting beginners to reach them for their advanced courses.
The idea in this advertisement, which they are currently paying large sums (yes, this advertisement is currently working), is that you can subscribe to that area for 30 days with only $ 1!, For his experience.
Sure, they lose their advertising at the beginning, but I still tell you they are not stupid, they know that the value of the customer with their time (Customer Lifetime Value) is worth more than $ 120! Is not it good to pay 3 or 4 dollars to collect and join?
It is worth mentioning that this announcement is not aimed at public people, but only those who know them .. I mean from the income of their site, who saw the area of ​​paid members but did not participate, who was a subscriber but did not complete, who is on their mailing list, Them or subscribed to their channel or, you understand the idea πŸ™‚


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
This ad I’m sure all the people of America saw it πŸ™‚
Imagine you sell a $ 2 product, where and how will you make money? And yet you make ads in large amounts!
This company sells shaving blades and shaving paste and these things mean ..
The idea is that they do not sell them by one and only, but jointly!
Sign up with us .. so we send a number of codes to you to your door every two or three months, according to your choice, a very small amount, and the most terrible is that if a new customer can get 8 blades for free .. Do not pay anything and only pay fees Collect shipping which amounts to $ 3!
This is strange, is not it? What is Trick? Simply to get it you have to share our plan!
You will put the credit card, and we will not charge you anything .. Then we send you the eight codes for free and then after the first period we will send you another and deduct you from the subscription, and then complete with us forever (unless you do not want and deleted your membership) .. What do you think? Are you ready to venture so into your business?
The product is great and its quality is very high and it is very useful and the one who uses it is not missing it, and its price is very normal and it gets you to the door of your house, why will not you complete? Very little percentage is going to do that Believe me.


12 Internet ads have brought millions of dollars to their owners!
Do not tell me you did not see this announcement! So you do not open the Internet, do not browse foreign sites, do not use applications, do not know what to tell you πŸ™‚ A very successful announcement was the reason to get hundreds of thousands of dollars… Click on the link and you will go to the page is not that which was the time of that announcement, but is currently a text page, and in the past was a very famous video, the video idea that it was interactive Yes, you listen and see, then tell you to choose now Are you a man or woman, and then choose to show you a video of the man, then ask another question and then respond to another video suitable for what you chose .. then and then It was very cool .. And the idea of ​​the product is a written course… Yes, PDF has written in Microsoft Word 2010 !! Currently, you’ll see that it’s $ 10 just hahaha, of course, you win and win πŸ™‚


the monster πŸ™‚
I love this guy frankly, I learned a lot from him and I paid him a lot, too, Hahaha, Frank Kern for me, my style in this field, I love his methods and explain things to him, but I feel that everything he talks about benefits me personally.
This announcement via Facebook really paid for it, but because it uses the method of Direct Response Marketing, he does not want to see the profits later but cares to see it quickly and in the shortest time.
The announcement of this article after the pressure on it leads you to the page directly Sales letter in which Kobe is very excellent to make interested attracted to what he talks about, the pages of this person for me a subject of study and deep research and not only the idea I take it, and on the page displays a wonderful book (Yes I bought) for $ 6 $ Approximately and is the shipping fee, he said.
After that, you enter your own van, and there it turns your attention to the desire to buy more products.

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