download The Walking Dead latest version for your Computer for free

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download The Walking Dead latest version for your Computer for free 

download The Walking Dead latest version for your Computer for free

The Walking Dead from TellTale Games is an episodic point and click action-adventure game that stays faithful to The Walking Dead canon while providing a new storyline.To help The Walking Dead game feel more like the comic series that is it based.

The Walking Dead from TellTale Games is a long winded point and snap activity experience amusement that stays devoted to The Walking Dead standard while giving another storyline. 

To help The Walking Dead diversion feel progressively like the comic arrangement that is it dependent on, Telltale has utilized an animation, cell-shaded craftsmanship style just as discharging the amusement in five scenes. Both of these subtleties unquestionably made The Walking Dead feel like you’re playing an intuitive comic book. 

The Walking Dead concentrations around exchange decisions. Players are given a restricted measure of time to pick between a few discoursed decisions, like Mass Effect’s exchange framework, aside from Mass Effect doesn’t have a period limit. By presenting a period limit, players feel a feeling of direness and will ideally answer all the more truly. The Walking Dead enables you to depict the fundamental character, Lee Everett, as a misconstrued or flippant man. 
There are likewise fast time occasions all through the amusement that add to the pressure. The Walking Dead incorporates successions where you need to quickly tap a catch to fend off a foe just as groupings where you need to rapidly bring down zombies by tapping on them. The Walking Dead was never made to be a shooter so a portion of the weapon play and notwithstanding strolling around highlighted some awkward controls when playing with a mouse and console. 
The story in The Walking Dead is totally immersing, reinforced by extraordinary voice acting and character models. While the designs in The Walking Dead aren’t the most exceptional, its phone shaded craftsmanship style breathes life into the comic book characters with clear hues and hard brush strokes. You truly care about every one of the characters in your gathering. There are additionally some extraordinary reprobates in the diversion that do some stunning things. 

Since there are such a large number of decisions a player can make in The Walking Dead, your companions playing a similar amusement will no doubt have unexpected stories in comparison to you. This gives The Walking Dead some excellent replay esteem. Toward the finish of every scene, you’re given a provide details regarding how your decisions harmonize with other Walking Dead players. 
The story develops to a nail-gnawing peak, yet a short one. Since The Walking Dead is so great at making you care for the characters in your gathering, discovering the destiny of Clementine and Lee will flabbergast you. A few players have grumbled about the consummation yet I think it was wonderfully done and obliges the subjects displayed in the diversion. 
Obvious Games has done directly by The Walking Dead establishment with a fascinating storyline that gives a parallel to the comic. This diversion is a breathtaking worth and is a standout amongst the best rounds of 2012.

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