Top 10 linux distributions for all devices 2019 free

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Top 10 linux distributions for all devices 2019 free

Top 10 linux distributions for all devices 2019 free

Top 40 Linux 2019 distribution for all devices:
There are many Linux operating systems, each offering different benefits, deployment options make it difficult to choose at times, what is the best Linux operating system that is lightweight, powerful or secure?
We have compiled this updated list regularly for the best Linux operating systems available on the Internet. Use the list below to find the Linux distributions to suit your specific needs.

1 – Ubuntu distribution “Ubuntu”:

Ubuntu is one of the most popular operating systems in Linux, Ubuntu is optimized with every modern version, the latest versions are designed for desktop computers, laptops and hybrid, in short, if you intend to switch from Windows or MacOS, it is possible to have Ubuntu Is the first operating system you can try, it’s one of the best Linux operating systems ever.
There are plenty of desktop environments available for Ubuntu, Unity (available through Yunit) and MATE are common options. At the same time, the Ubuntu Touch platform is powered by, which keeps the smartphone version of Ubuntu, including Convergence, which You can convert your smartphone to a PC via an HDMI HDMI dongle.

2 – Kubuntu distribution “Kubuntu”:

Ubuntu has many derivatives, one of the common choices is Kubuntu, which uses the KDE desktop environment, under which it is essentially the same as Ubuntu and is released in the same table

3- Mint distribution:

Linux Mint is an elegant, modern and user-friendly, yet powerful, distribution based on the Ubuntu operating system. Linux Mint is reliable and comes with one of the best software managers. Mint has been the highest-rated Linux operating system on DistroWatch since 2011, From Windows and Mac, and was chosen to be the new desktop home.
Mint distribution comes with a wide range of desktop options, you can get the default Cinnamon surface, or MATE, KDE, or Xfce. Mint is a distro based on Ubuntu but has a lot of changes that make this ammunition worthwhile.

4- Linux Deepen:

Designed to attract new Linux users, the Deepin system is simple and intuitive, and features one of the best system configuration panels for any distribution, and is clearly inspired by Apple’s MacOS desktop.
Deepin also has an easy-to-use software center that outperforms similar tools in other distributions, making them one of the best Linux operating systems for Mac users.

5. distribution “Pop! _OS “

Pop was released! _OS by Linux hardware manufacturer System7 as its default operating system, which is based on Ubuntu, with the GNOME desktop, the blue, orange and orange interface matches its System76 brand.
With its application install browser, you’ll find it easy to install the program you want to run on the Pop! _OS, although some applications do not exactly match this theme, but this is a great operating system we really took when we tried it

6 – Linix Ous distribution “PCLinuxOS”:

The PCLinuxOS distribution is designed with ordinary PC users in mind and KDE Plasma Desktop features by default. This distribution makes it easy to install drivers, get Office programs, edit images, connect to the Internet, and start using multimedia. The PCLinuxOS distribution bridges the gap between Windows and Linux operating systems, so it includes the Windowsesque Start menu! If you’re looking for a switch from Windows to Linux, it’s probably the best Linux distribution to use.

7. Linux Lite

Based on Ubuntu LTS releases, Linux Lite is a small distribution with a clean and simple Xfce desktop. This distribution also depends on the Windows Start menu, which makes you feel comfortable using this distribution. The Linux Lite distribution can be streamed on a PC with a 700 MHz CPU and only 512 MB of RAM, this is what we call light! This makes it one of the best Linux distributions for older computers or users looking to increase the battery life of the laptop.

8. Zorin OS distribution:

Zorin OS is another distribution specifically designed for newcomers to Linux and facilitate the transition from Windows. The Ubuntu-based distribution features many applications that will be familiar to Windows users and make it easier for users to run the Windows applications they still need. Zorin OS 9 distinguishes the Windows system significantly, especially the Windows 7 version, so that the system is familiar when moving from Windows to Linux.

9 – distribution of the Yamontari Aws “Elementary OS”:

This is another distribution based on the Opento system. Since the release of the basic operating system Luna, the Ultimate OS system has been characterized by beautiful and simple applications that follow the aesthetic appeal of the operating system, such as Geary for email, Midori web browser, Maya calendar, Totem, and Audio player Noise.

10- Open Suzy distribution

OpenSUSE is a public Linux distribution built by OpenSUSE, designed to be a great start-up distribution and something that attracts experienced Linux users. OpenSUSE comes with YAST, a management software that controls installation, package management, and more.

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